Why is the location sensor is showing my location that I am in Nigeria ghana


But I live in India

Make sure the position sensor is active.

Also, you can out the longitude and latitude in a label to see their values. This can help you to discover the mistake.

add in designer part and use locacion sensor in block part
dont worry about NONE location sensor in designer part, its just error

OP is using Google maps component not Map component. Try like this

but i also couldnt figure out google maps even if i enter my api key

What do you mean by that … ? Post a screenshot of your blocks

Just try the blocks provided above and see if it works for you

its throwing up an error that google maps is not installed on this device
and can you test my api key if it works : AIzaSyCskTw9n8p2dLd0vUaXA5BY2zDCOhrDEqE

its a test one so dont worry

Can not replicate error. It has been reported in community that some users face the error 12010: google map is not installed on this phone but works fine for me till now.

does it work the map shows??

As I said for me works great. If Google maps for some reason doesn’t work for you, try to use map component instead

google map look better then other maps and contain satelite photos inside, but i have reasion why i dont use google map, becouse i believe, not every smartphone contain installed google map and user must install it after start my apk, i told about it before. am i right? i agrre, its very strange in modern world, but sometimes its happens from time to time. . . . . on the remote alleys of the galaxy :space_invader:

Oh Tanks For the Support will work on it