Google Map Errors : 12010 error

Hello friends,

I received this error in my mobile app

I’m starting to receive this error after Fenix update, there is no problem in blocks

I don’t speak english, please help me

have you installed the google Maps application on your device?

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yeah but i don’t think it is about this

Why do you think that.

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I started getting this error after fenix update, there is nothing wrong with my blocks, there is no error in the app but it still shows error message

Then you have to give more info. Show your blocks. What device, android version. Sample apk or aia that shows the problem. Etc. etc.

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I understand, I will do as you say, thank you :+1:

Hello, I have the same problem and I have tried everything that has been put in the forums and nothing, it fails in android 11, 10, 9 emulator and physical cell phones, I don’t know what to do anymore

cevabı bulduğumda seni haberdar edeceğim.

Please respect the rules and post only in English.

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I tried the apks compiled last year in March and they work perfectly

Something is wrong with the latest fenix build

yes, the problem is caused by the last fenix update, I believe this problem will be solved in the new update, I don’t know when the new update will come.:sweat:

same issue

how can we solve it please can someone help now ???