Google maps errors

Error 12010 “Google Maps not installed on this phone” is generated when starting, it allows me to use the map but it generates the error every time it starts, to make it disappear I had to add it to the screen error, this did not happen before either.

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Google Map Error After recent Update
“error 10210 Google map is not install on this phone”
please take a look and fix it.

i can concur, suddenly happened to me also … i don’t have a fix, just saying i’m also seeing this :slight_smile:

Hello my friend maybe you can hide this error using this block
after that hidden label for the error

hello friend, yes i did that. but I had to report since I don’t know if something else happens behind that error.

im also getting this error, please help

at the moment there is no more solution to do as you have the devin blocks