GPS-based school attendance

I want to make a school location-based attendance application, students can only attendance with a distance of 50m from the school location, and the GPS must be active.
is there a tutorial like that in kodular?

I don’t think anyone will have a full tutorial as per your needs because your functionality is different From others.

You looking for complete solution or you want to build it yourself via learning.

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Instead of doing this why don’t you simply make an attendance maker which marks presence absence of students by the teacher

I want to build it myself through learning.


Take small steps, build it piece by piece.

I make with QRcode

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Follow that advice.

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Yes i have did that, assigned a unique QR code to each student based on their class name, section, name and roll number to make it unique for all.

Then teacher scans it and it saved to database based on who it is.

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I didn’t do that. I don’t create multiple Qrcode. I create one. And the student scans him. And your presence is generated on MySQL.

It’s possible, but Kodular apps do not run in the background + it’d be a privacy issue as well.

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I have created almost the same like app for our school staff school attendance

You must have two coordinate,
First coordinate from user device location, use location sensor componet or google maps component

Second, your school coordinate.


You can calculate difference from two coordinate, and convert to meter. Use some logic and math.