GPS MAP ME help pleassssss

Сделал карту, и чтобы при нажатии на кнопку показывала где я, но почему то не отлавливает координаты

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I made a map, and so that when I click on the button it shows where I am, but for some reason it does not catch the coordinates

You have to add location sensor.

Что за датчик? я же сенсор местоположения добавил или это что то другое. Просто туплю что то

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What is the sensor? I added a location sensor or is it something else. I’m just dumb about something

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Excuse me. I can’t figure out what the location sensor is, I already have a location sensor added.

I’m just not doing it on googl map, but on the basis of the existing MAP in the constructor. Since I want to use the map offline (in the absence of Internet)

See this

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Thank you, you helped. Do you know how you can display registered users on the map?

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Everything worked well, but for some reason today it stopped showing on the map where I am, it shows the coordinates, but there is no mark on the map

how to make sure that in the absence of the Internet, my location is shown on the map, and even better in the absence of a telephone connection

At the moment, everything is built like thishow to make sure that in the absence of a network, my mesoposition shows? on the map

At the moment, everything is built like this