Gray border with notifier

I honestly don’t know if I could post here or open another topic.
My Notifier is also like this, with this gray border. The last thing I set up was Notifier. But I couldn’t find what parameter I have to make this part of the Notifier invisible.

blocos notifier

estrutura do notifier

I moved it to a new topic.

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Disable the Use Round Card property of the arrangement(HAXXXXXXXXXX…) you are assigning as custom dialogue from the properties in the designer itself.
Also I think this has been asked before.

P.S: Don’t you think you should consider changing the name of that arrangement (HAXXXXXX…)


I did what you mentioned, it worked. Now I’m trying to understand why …
Thank you.

:laughing: :joy: :smile: :grin: … it was a way for me to be able to find the component … yes soon after I change the name … :+1:

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