Gsm Service Not Available & Google Play Services Library Error

Before creating this topic after searching I only saw this topic with no any further help

I using One Signal codes and some devices are working nice but today I have updated my app on the play store and this is what came back to my dashboard

Issue 1

Gsm Service Not Available
Google Play services on the devices is returning “SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE” when trying to register for a push token. This could be a network issue or an issue with Google Play services initializing on the device.

Issue 2

Google Play Services Library Error
Google Play services library initialization error. Check for conflicting plugins and make sure “” is in your AndroidManifest.xml. Check the logcat for more details.

I would kindly appreciate someone’s help by telling which codes can I edit in the Manifest to solve the problems

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Known bug with latest version. Works on SDK 29 not SDK 30. After new release, push notifications do not work with new projects. If you had an old project in onesignal and your phone was in the subscribed users list it works fine else …

This was proposed as a temporarily solution, haven’t tested,don’t know if or how it works

Sure I can see it

But what is the side effects of this free services

As already mentioned haven’t tried, never used it. You should ask @fadaeve who proposed it.

I have 2 Android apps installed in the same Android device. They are connected to the same onesignal app, they both can receive push notifications from the same onesignal app. onesignal app sees each Android app as a different user. When I update one of them to SDK 30, onesignal sees the new update as a new user and doesn’t accept it as a subscribed user.

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Hello everyone,

Is there any update regarding the fixing process of the bug?

Thank you in advance

No, still waiting for a fix

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Hello there . What is the opinion of the codular side regarding this issue?