[Guide] Add adaptive icon in your app easily!

Hello guys my name is Avijit Das,
And today i am showing you how to you can add adaptive icon in your app easily !
So let’s start


Without adaptive icon

With adaptive icon

Step 1

Upload your 512x512 png icon

And export your app.

Step 2

Open your app in apk editor studio

Step 3

Open res\mipmap-anydpi-v26 folder

Step 4

Right click on ic_launcher.xml and tap on edit resource

Step 5

Edit this text color to mipmap and save this


Step 6

Apply same method (Step 5) with ic_launcher_round.xml and save this

Edit image

Now edit your background image (512x512) for icon
and save with same name ic_launcher_background.
For my case its this :point_down:

Step 7

Now open this 5 folders ( Right click on icon and press open resource dictionary )

Step 8

Copy and paste your image in this 5 folders
Note : image name must be ic_launcher_background


For better experience make logo a little short from canvas like this

Boom guys now your app ready to install

Test.apk (5.3 MB)

Useful Links
Sign apk from @bodymindpower
Use apk editor from @consoleheretohelp
Apk to Aab from @Shreyaa

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Thanks for your contribution.
Maybe some find this method easy:

And if there’s any difference, do let me know please.


Wait few minutes. I will show difference


Icon made with your recommended website



With your method

With My method

@FahadAhmad Have you noticed any changes?

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