[Guide] How to connect Kodular to an emulator

Yes, BlueStacks is free

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I am using the Android 11 Pixel Emulator from the Android studio for a month now, it requires more RAM and you need to install that Emulator and the Android (11) which almost takes 1.5+ GB though sometimes it requires re-installing to get that work.

And I’ve also tried Bluestacks for three years it’s sometimes laggy (Android Version 7) with my 12 GB RAM.
A good alternative I can recommend to you that is Memu Emulator running Android 7 (450+ MB installation) works pretty much smooth than all.

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No need to shout. Please do not use all caps


Yes, it is

But with Bluestacks show Runtime error “Font not found /storage/emulated/0/AppInventor/assets/MaterialIcons-Regular_2.ttf” that no problem with USB or wifi connection. if you have solution for that error. please help me.

You can also use Vysor Emulator

It is not exactly an emulator though.

Download: https://www.vysor.io/

After installing open it and see the instructions

On your phone, enable developer options and USB debugging.

Install ADB drivers.

and the best option, if your hardware is allowing or you can install windows 11 then that’s the best option, after install the playstore in windows 11 and you are good to go



my pc doesnt support android studio

using real phone is better for me

How to install playstore?

Currently the Microsoft Store doesn’t have an option to download the Play Store, but I’ve seen a couple of videos where in people have downloaded it through WSA. You can search Play Store on Windows 11 and you’ll get satisfying results.