Guide: How to get JSON data from an Api using dictionaries (and show it on a dynamic cardview)

Can you help me, please?
In this image the shape of the json file

And I’m trying to get the first element, for example, like in this picture.
But unfortunately I can’t.

I want to bring the first oject to label1, for example.

Can you help me

Did You try ?

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I’m also facing same issue anybody plz help me…

After 30 days you have to pay newsapi, see below

I’m getting error of 403… What to do for that…

And plz suggest which one is the best free API for news…

Pay a subscription or see

can anyone help me with this json

Use jsonparseronline to understand the structure of your json, arrays, strings, objects…, after that you will be able to create your code and get needed data

tried but not working

I get

Using newsapi you get this error ?

Yes i am using news api

It seems that your api is not returning right data. Try to debug the response recieved from the GotText event block and post it here.

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I am only getting <!DOCTYPE from the response content when i decode the json text

And when i see the response content it returns me html text instead of json

That’s why the error is occuring. Maybe your API is wrong that’s why it is not returning the data.

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Yes… i am using api from