[Guide] Set custom Onesignal push icon

Hey guys, Today I will show you how to change onesignal notification icon like Whatsapp.


So let’s start.

Step 1
Export your apk from kodular.

Step 2
Open APK Editor Studio and import your apk file

Step 3
Open res\drawable Folder

Step 4
Right Click on any file. Then click Open Resource Directory

Step 5
Upload your notification icon (png) in res\drawable folder with any name
(Example :- myicon.png, notificationicon.png)

Step 6
Save your apk and install it in your phone

Step 7
Open Onesignal and enter your icon name in small icon (Only icon name not .png)

Boom!! guys now you can send your notification with custom icon

Useful Link
Sign apk from @bodymindpower
Use apk editor from @consoleheretohelp

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Very good guide for those who are seeking to use custom one signal notification logo…
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(i think few days ago another user added a guide working with apk editor, and Why don’t you add that guide link also at the bottom of the your guide stating what more can get in that…

Just my opinion… If it is not good just skip it… )

I have added Guide in your title, so it can reach others easily, if not if will go just like discuss query.

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Very nice guide, I really like it. Very Useful .

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