[Guide] Solve navigation bar is not fully transparent problem in Android 11

Hello guys my name is Avijit,
And today i am showing you. how to you can solve navigation bar is not fully transparent problem in Android 11. So lets start our today tutorial.

Method 1

Set Navigation Bar color to 33488896

Method 2
Block in Kodular

This block will work in < android 10. But it won’t on Android 11 (you need to follow this guide to solve this)

Step 1

Open your app in APK Editor Studio

Step 2

Go to res/values/ Folder

Step 3

Open styles.xml File

Step 4

Copy all data and paste in notepad

Step 5

Click Ctrl+f To find text in notepad
Find <style name="AppTheme" parent=" Tag

Step 6

Copy <item name="android:forceDarkAllowed">false</item>
<item name="android:enforceStatusBarContrast">false</item>
<item name="android:enforceNavigationBarContrast">false</item> This code and paste it in Style tag

Now copy all data from notepad and come apk editor studio and paste all data.
Now save it and save your apk file and install it in your phone

Useful Links
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Use apk editor from @consoleheretohelp
Apk to Aab from @Shreyaa
Taifun Tools from @taifun

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Very nice guide :+1:


Nice guide :+1:t2::+1:t2::grin:


Thanks for the contribution, I understand that they work for Android 11, but what happens if you enter from lower or higher versions?