[GUIDES] Make Unlimited Tabs in your Browser

Hi Friends :grinning:, my name is Kumaraswamy, and in this simple tutorial, we will learn how to make unlimited tabs in your browser.

You need: -
Extension Colin tree Extension
Delete button Image (Any)
Ex: -
download (9)

→ Set the Screen Gravity to Center


→ Import the Colin Tree Extension
→ Drag and drop Colin List view to the Designer
→ Add WebViewer
→ Add a button to call the tabs
→ Add a bottom sheet
→ Add a notifier

Take a Verticle arrangement
Width=Fill Parent

Inside a Verticle arrangement take a Verticle Scroll arrangement
Width=Fill Parent

Below the Verticle Scroll arrangement take a button to add a new tab

Enable the extra button enabled in Colin tree list View and upload the delete image to “Extra Button”


First we will declare a global variable to store the tabs
blocks (9)

Initialize the Vertical Arrangements to colin tree list view and bottom sheet menu
blocks (10)

Next part is to open the bottom sheet menu and show the available/current tabs when a button is clicked
blocks (11)

Now when the Add New Tab button is clicked the text/URL input notification is displayed
blocks (12)

After getting response from the text input notification displayed we will use “Got Text From Dialog” block to load website and that acts as a new tab

To remove particular tab we will use “ExtraButtonClick” block from the Colin List Tree when remove button is clicked
blocks (14)

The final step is to load the tab URL in a web view if the user clicks on any tab element from the Colin Tree List View

Happy Koding :grinning: :grinning:

i’m sorry for this (yeah this edit is from 2021. I had created this guide with some blocks which was the same thing tech CVR had posted in his website, I did not knew this alredy existed lol)


You can also use custom notifier insted of text input dialog

Useful Guide but it will be more useful Guide if you provide test apk screenshots and aia file.


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I unlist and close this. This is indeed a copy of a previous guide.