Hackprotect Amazon App Store approval

Hi guys,
i use this extension

to check if the app is installed from Amazon, when i submit my apk in Amazon i get Amazon Content Policy Not compliant response :
Your app submission does not meet one or more of our acceptance criteria for some or all targeted devices. Failure reason(s) are listed below:

We are unable to test your app as it does not function as intended. The app exits/ force closes/ freezes/ displays an error message after being launched. Please fix the issue and re-submit the app.
You can view our guidelines on the Appstore Developer Portal.

Normally the app check if not from simulator and if from Amazon or Google play, if not display message and close. So i provide that information for the testing team but still got that error.

I already contact them. Just asking i case someone already have the solution.

Do enyone facing to this issue with Amazon?

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