Handling Google Sign-In in a WebView: Overcoming 'Google's Secure Browsers Policy' Error

Hello Kodular Community,I’m working on an app that uses a WebView to access a website that has Google Sign-In functionality. However, when attempting to sign in through the WebView, I encounter a ‘Google’s secure browsers policy’ error.(As seen in screenshot)

I’ve tried to open the sign-in URL in the default browser and then return to the WebView, but it’s not working as expected.Has anyone successfully implemented Google Sign-In in a WebView for a website and managed to handle external browser events seamlessly? If so, could you please share your approach or any suggestions on how to achieve this within Kodular? I’d greatly appreciate any guidance or insights you can provide.Thank you!"

a workaround is to use the custom webviewer extension and set the user agent to something which is working
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