Happy birthday, Hungary! :Hungary:

Happy birthday, Hungary!!! :hungary: :hungary: :hungary:

Hey all Hungarians and non-Hungarian Makeroid’ers here!
@Vishwas wrote this post, to say happy independence Day for India.
That’s why I’m writing this post, I thought why not?
So Today, 20th August is the “birthday” of Hungary, because our first king with a crown, St. Stephen have founded this place, the old, “big-hungary” on this day. So it’s the national holiday of the state Foundation.
We’re we celebrate all day, and at night, there are looots of firework-shows here. Also, this is the day, when Hungarian eat the the Hungarian chatolic church sanctified first bread of the year. (I meant it’s baked from the newest wheat, which was harvested this summer)

Best regards
From :hungary: Hungary

P.S.: I’m looking for Hungarian users here! Makeroid translated to Hungarian would be cool, but I can’t translate so many words alone!


@Vishwas* it is


Best wishes to all Hungarians! Happy birthday Hungary! :smile:

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Happy 935th (I think based on research) birthday Hungary :tada::cake: :hugs: (I’m half Hungarian)

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It’s the 1018th, trust me.

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I was close.

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Boldog születésnapot :confetti_ball:, 1018. alkalommal :wink:.