Has anyone tried out Busywork as Backend?

Hi guys!

I came across busywork.co a few days ago, it seems interesting for building backends (drag and drop), has anyone tried it out?


Hey David!

I’m Patrick, the maker of busywork.co.

I would love to hear what you’re building, to see how Busywork can help you. So if you’re interested and maybe get a demo, feel free to message me either here or on Twitter.

Hope to hear from you.


Hi @patrickstolc!

Thanks! From what I was able to see and interact with it seems like a great thing you’re building, and I think lots of people here might get a lot out of it.

Can you let me know a bit about what servers you are using for the databases?


Are you guys set up to be able to handle realtime apps? (I have been using Firebase for realtime, for example).

I will surely build something with Busywork!



We are just getting started, we are still in public beta constantly iterating and improving the product. And brilliant questions.

Now we are running everything on Digital Ocean, managing everything ourselves. The next step for us is to move everything to AWS, now that our users are starting to depend on our platform.

With the migration to AWS realtime apps will certainly be possible, and you’re not the first to ask about this. It’s on our roadmap.

If there’s any way I can help, remember to reach out.


Awesome Pat!

Looking forward to building stuff be it with Kodular or React and a Busywork backend!