Have issue with tiny db

Hi, I have added Tiny db to store user details for one time login, but its not working. pls help


you didnt structure it correctly at here. actually you have to check whether this is empty or not


there use a logic, get tinydb (name) is not equal to empty textbox, then every thing will do good


Just add this




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You can use something like this:
Just replace the label 1 visibility in my blocks with your start value.
You can later store login is=yes then second time it will not open that screen.

Hi, I am 1st time using time using tiny db can you pls help me what need to update.
Attendance.aia (63.7 KB)

There is nothing hard about it just use the logic tiny db get value=empty text box. It is very simple.

Attendance(1).aia (63.9 KB)

check this, you have not handled the logic correctly while login … i hope now it will do good… check up

Hi, But even in this each time asking for login details. pls do the needful…

then try like this, at screen init


add one if/then/else block and add the condition… simple

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also this block will not work in android 10 and above version


V4 of extension works on android 10+


Hi, I am little bit confused whether below block will work in all mobiles or not?


Yeah, if you use the latest one i.e V4, it will work it seems… continue to work

You are using the latest version of the extension so it will probably work but as the developer said you can never be sure with so many different devices, different android system etc. This is something that might occur with every extension not only the specific one

Hi, Can you give a suggestion on my app.

I am creating Employee attendance app with location IN & OUT here i want to apply one condition to arrest manipulation like below example.

employee1 coming late hence he given his login details to employee2 to push IN, so that employee1 attendance will be punched

dont go off topic if needed create a new topic

create a new topic because this topic is not related to your message

see, you cannot define unless use bio-metric system… because as per your blocks everything will work good & fine, but if the employee1 hand over his mobile to employee 2 and vice versa then none of the app can help you…

also, you need to save the device id in google sheet. so if the employee log out or reinstall and try to login for his friend then we can match the device id and can stop to use it. so from one mobile one login only possible like have to set up… also whenever user sign in, you need to check the user device id with ghseet device id’s. there by you can stop mis using the app…


Hi, Here Can i able to use a condition like if id & pw is Admin then open Screen5?

Bez i tried that its not working, can anyone help on this

yes possible… show us what you have you added

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