Hello! Can someone help me with the Blocks of a Shopping Cart! o AIA File

Could someone help me with the Blocks for a shopping cart please! If you have an Example, I would like that cart only to be activated some days of the week! Example Monday and Then Wednesday I would appreciate it infinitely! Thank you so much! Greetings to all! :heart_eyes:

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if you want that someone create it for you the change the category to #marketplace:request.Else show what have you tried and we will try to help you.

That’s easy.Maybe you can try.If WeekDayname ( in clock component ) equals Monday set cart button.visible to true else set to false.Or disable it as @pepocero said.

You can see here.That will help you create the shopping card it self:

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Show us what you’ve tried.


I was just making an example of this


Thank you very much for your great help! Friend! It worked! Regards! :pray: :smiley:

So mark the appropriate answer as solution

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Mohamed_Tamer Thank you very much friend! for your great help! but I still haven’t found the solution to a shopping cart! I would adapt it to my application if you have an example I would appreciate it infinitely! regards! :+1: :smiley:

See this @Omar_Jess :
They are really useful.You can find out how to make the shopping cart from them.

Here is an example @Omar_Jess:
Add to cart button

Cart screen:


Thank you very much! for your great help! Dear friend! Greetings a hug! :smiley: :grinning: :pray: :raised_hands:

Thanks very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wait ! Has this topic been changed @Omar_Jess ? Is this right ?

Rogerio_Rios Hello! Great friend! Thanks for Your Contributions! and help! I have not understood your question! Regards! :smiley:

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