Hello Developers Here is something that i need

Hello Everyone i want to make a Team of atleast 6 Members for app Development
Level of Knowledge you need of Kodular :-
You should have knowledge of all Kodular Basic Components.
No need to pro [My Level :- I know what is gonna req. in app development.]

How much time you need to invents
Basically no proper timing in starting we will discuss about our features and some other things and divide the work and do according to it.

How you will be get paid for it
We will discuss in meetings

One More Things
I am already working on this project right now and already done 80% of app and have all features with handy

You should have a Computer or Laptop with a Good Internet and Language you need to know English or Hindi

Please DM me if interested

Contact me i am interested

Checkout this post to know a litter bit about my play

So you want to work on this its great app

There is alot of things that we need to add this is not enough. Join us if you want to help in development. DM me if interested