Work with me in kodular

Would anyone like to partnership with me? Because if we work together we can create something new in kodular.
I can handle the payments,database,designing,blocks and etc.
(My english is weak so you should know Hindi…hahaha).

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Don’t share your email publicly instead use PM

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ok brother

Same question for you…

all I understood is you want a free assistant :smirk:


No brother, I mean we will work together

then you have to work with Kodular team and make new things for everyone. ( without pay )

now read my question its happen coz of my bad english

I don’t have that much knowledge hahahaha

I stopped reading at "I can make payments… "

I know that my idea ist bombastic but I have to get deeper into kodular to make it real. My App will surely get more than 100000 Downloads.

Can i work with you?

I am sorry. I work with the whole Kodular team.


That’s what I’m saying…
We all work together here…