Want a partner developer

Want a partner developer. Who can manage lists.

So, he/she will be rewarded after compltion of work

Need only professionals

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i can be your partner i know kodular very well using from 2 years

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I don’t want kids to involve in this it’s a critical application

Explain what actually work???

Hmm to develop a funds transaction app

How can you judge someone knowledge by their age ? Can u explain that. I know many Coders Who is kids from their age not from their knowledge.

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Then you have to mention it in the first topic . Who is not allowed to involved in this topic.
and for your kind information this is not your personal chat this is community. so everyone have the right to involved in any thread if it’s open.

Community well known who is time passers.

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Hello friend, I am a developer on the Kodular and Niotron platform… I have been developing for my clients in 8 countries for 10 years.
I also know Html Css Js Java C# Flutter languages.
Likewise, I develop extensions and simplified processes for the app.
I am looking forward to your response.

Good, I want a person like you :relaxed:

Message me your contact info in pm

I sent you a message with my contact number

I know Vue.js, angular.js, react.js, js, java, html, css, flutter, c++, logo

Risky , means you are making such kind of at kodular like hacking or monetary gaining apps , this could let your account suspend

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