Kodular Is So Much Powerful, If u dont believe me

If u dont believe me you are noob, I have been using kodular since Makeroid. I have no any isuue till this time. And the community is so much engaging. So its time to make kodular and its backend un-comparable. I think if we donate Min 0.5 Dollar ( 50Rs) every 2 Month 4 Month The respectable developer will be unstoppable to make it the one where you can do anything (Unimaginable I cant express it in words). Kodular has donation links in its website and in the companion app. So lets make it happen. We all need kodular like no other. Thanks.


@Kodular Add indian payment getaway in donate section ( paytm, upi ). Because more then 80% indian user don’t use PayPal.
Then we can support kodular team :slight_smile:

Vote indian user only :point_down:

  • I have PayPal
  • I don’t have PayPal

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