New Options to Donate!

Hello Koders :wave:

Today we would like to introduce new ways to support our work
Remember that Kodular is completly free, and keeping it like that costs us money

We have added a new page to our website:

Check it, you will find all available options, from PayPal to cryptocurrencies!
And pay us a :coffee: to keep coding during nights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy Koding! :kodular:


Hi, why don’t you introduce a free subscription? Eg. $ 2 per month per user? I would be happy to join.

What do you mean? How can it be free if you have to pay for it?

I could be wrong but I don’t think they can charge a subscription due to Kodular being based on open source code (AI2). I think it’s part of the TOS that if you create a builder based on AI2 you can’t charge for the core functionality, but may do so for extras that you add yourself.


If I’m correct, AppyBuilder once use to charge for using their builder… or at least the “Gold” version. I’m pretty sure it just included monetization a, but I’m not too sure.

it is 4.50 $ per month. I am a patreon now :grinning: