Hello friends. Is there any extension for face recognition?

please make a extension for face recoginion i can pay also for that… help me please

There are many API’s to do the work. For instance take a look at https://rapidapi.com/

It is always good to look here if you search for an extension


Then you would have found these:



Peter, how are you? I found the following situation. I clicked on the link, and he sent me to the appyBuilder communication. But, the page does not work. I tried to access the appyBuilder page first and was sent to Kodular Creator. Does the appyBuilder community no longer exist? Why was I sent to the Kodular Creator page?

I’m in another situation.
Firstly i want to add faces on my server and i want face signature key .
After then they came back software will detect them and save there activity with name and details as i add there details on starting

then u must use tenserflow . it has face detection also and works fine