Hello Koders is this notification possible in kodular?

Hello i want to ask is this type of notification is possible to build in Kodular.

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Someone can help me?

Please be patient and don’t spam. When someone knows the answer they will tell you.

Ok are u know if this possible or not?

Maybe use

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Ok will try it thank you.

you also can try the Notification Style Extension by jarlissonlira2 with various types of notifications or do a search for notification in the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps


Is that notification on bottom of the screen ?

Yes bottom.

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ok it is possible
check scackbar component
Screenshot (45)

Ok will check it.

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if you find it success mark it as solution so it will be helpful to others

Yes of course.

did it work?

No is not that i want

I want same as in photo or almost same if possible

And where is the problem to create such an layout ?

Is there possible to add img and text?

Have you read my previous reply ? Have you tried it ? Most probably not …


Ok will try this later and see how works.