Request Extension: Custom Notifier with Image, Title, Description and Buttons

Hi there,

I’m looking for a custom notifier for my app. For the style, I’d like it to be similar to the screenshot but with rounded edges. For this screenshot I used the normal notifier with show custom dialogue.

Is there anything out already that can do this or is there a way to do it with blocks? I’ve tried “use card/use round card”.

If not, could anyone make this as an extension (paid)?

I’d also like the notification to slide up from the bottom of the screen.


Yes, can be done with paid extension.
See following post:

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Aren’t you able to create that using layout?

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Yes, that can be done but rounded corners don’t work in custom notification.

Maybe with this extension?

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Yes, using that extension works perfectly as I have already said in my above post :arrow_up: .

Ah, sorry, is that Google Translator sometimes translates without coherence

Thanks for the replies, I’ve tried out the extension and it’s quite good but I still need a way to make the notification slide up from the bottom of the screen