Help? AddRow in Google Sheets

I used a script (as is)

I enter the data of the user form
and trying to pass them to a script
to add row to Google Sheets

I get server response 400 (syntax error)

if I just copy script and past it in URL
and execute it in the browser

the script is executed and displays a message that data has been added

Row added to Google Sheets (after executing the script directly through the browser)

Tell me how to make everything work from the form and be executed “Call.Web.Get”

Go to project setting , and tick show list as JSON and try

Its already done

Pls click Do it on the web URL which is used to send the data from app to gsheet and compare the URL with the one you used in the web browser for testing purpose. If both are matching then your are good. Else correct the mistake

that’s exactly what i did

just copy Url from Do It

and paste into the browser

everything is done

Sending the data’s to gsheet by a button click or by anyother mode?? Can you show your full block??

one minute

Better try to send data to the sheet by a button click…

Try with a UriEncode block on your Data

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It works