[HELP} Airtable Index problem

Hi Koders! I am having trouble with Airtable index.
I want to show Airtable data on screen (list2) label
in an order of (Name/Address/telephone/url/update/fare/time),
And I thought the row number has equal value with column number of airtable (like Excel’s vlookup…)
However, the problem is index number has been changed and my screen(list2) got messed up everytime I try to copy this block for another screen… I’m confused about airtable index number.

PLease give me help to get airtable data in an appropriate order.

I already read about other questions in community but still can’t get the solution…
Thank you for your help in advance!

You will come to know the reason for this, now


To avoid this and make queries faster, I add an additional concatenation cell and work only with it, which remains unchanged in terms of order, instead of fetching the entire row, I only fetch that cell.


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Thx i will give it a try! And let you know how it goes. Thx always!

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Thx Gaston i will give it a try!!
Thx always.

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would you please be more specific?
I understand the concept that you made an additional concatenation cell…
but is it based on airtable? how can I add an additional cell ?

“Simply see how data is received and set index according to your needs”
This is my current solution!

that is a temporary solution, if at any time you add, remove or modify a value manually, that order would surely be altered, it has already happened to me. If you do a concatenation as I mentioned, the return order will be the same as you indicate in the formula, regardless of the order of the columns.

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thx for your reply but i don’t understand fully.
is your concatenation based on airtable?

yes, inside airtable
look at the previous image

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Gaston! good morning.
by the way
is this image below from airtable?

i can’t find anything similar on my airtable interface
airtable index is driving me crazy …

@Young_Kyu_Oh just create a new column as a formula, then enter the name of the ones you want to concatenate, separate them with a special character, as seen in the image, if you read the previous instructions carefully you will easily understand

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