Help for Auto Update

How do I get the app to update automatically when I make some changes?

can someone help me with the blocks?

As I can see, you’re really new here. Spend some time and search the community to get your answer. App Auto Update feature (the Component) has been discussed before.

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If your app is on play store then you can use In app update component else use search feature of community and find a method to do it.

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& if your app is not in play store then for update i can help you…

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  • If your app is on Play Store use “In-App Update” component under Experimental category
    Note: To use experimental components you must click on the Account icon at the top right corner of creator>Select Settings>enable the “show experimental components and properties”

  • And if it is not on Play Store then follow this guide:
    Staged App Updates - Kodular Docs

Here is another guide:

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