Problems using in app update

Hi, I don’t know what to do, I tried all the methods to update the app from Google play using the “in app update” component, but nothing works, it doesn’t update the app. Is it that you have to do something else or what? And if not and that the component does not work, there is a way to update the app from Google play using the “Activity Starte” component

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Hi @tabastea,
Could you show your blocks?
You could also check this guide about the InAppUpdate component:

Yes if course, you could check this guide:

Or you can use this extension:


Thank you very much for your ideas and opinions but I also found out what the problem was and it was not mine but Google Play
I was showing an error in the section My applications and games> Updates

Flag an error that says “Failed to check for updates”
But in the same way I already fixed it and it works at 100

Thanks for your help and cooperation. :smiley:

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