Help for file component and SAF Extension

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I wanna created a folder inside /storage/emulated/0/Download/ with file component But Something is wrong as neither folder nor file is created. Please correct me out someone.

Permission took:

Blocks Used:

PROBLEM1 : TimeManagerDB folder is not created.

PROBLEM2 : Text file is not created. (I think, because of PROBLEM1)

See why

Hi @dora_paz, Thanks for quick response :slight_smile:
Let me try with /storage/emulated/0/Downloads

@dora_paz I tried with /storage/emulated/0/Downloads/TimeManagerDB

but still no folder created by File Component…

This should work (without storage permissions (WRITE permission) on Android 11+):

Of course, on Android < 11 you have to request WRITE permission.


Thanks @bodymindpower and @dora_paz
I found that on replacing /Download to /Downloads
The folder TimeManagerDB was created inside /storage/0/Downloads but it was only visible through ES File Explorer deep search.

Can you please help me out with PROBLEM2? @dora_paz

The actual problem is that you are trying to use file paths in SAF extension which accepts URIs.
Please read the extension thread to learn more about its usage.

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Hi, @vknow360 Glade to see you here,…
Can you please help me out, what to put in URI, I seen all the documentation but didn’t understood URI please let me know what to enter in that?

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Very Thanks Anke, Let me see if that works for me. :slight_smile:


Hi @bodymindpower Anke :slight_smile:
I tried this and the forder TimeManagerDB is successfully created inside Download folder of phone. But When creating text file it says:
ERROR 2103 : file can’t be created.
:frowning: All Blocks I used are same as yours.
Android 10

Try this, it should save the text file here (on all Android versions):

test2.apk (5.4 MB)

On Android 11+ this should work without storage permissions. On Android < 11 WRITE permission is requested automatically.

Note: To make sure it works, first remove this folder from your test device: