HELP! How to generate elements

I’m trying to figure out how to do a thing.

Let’s say that I’m using TinyDB to save a list of UserNames.
I have a page where I can create new ones and delete old ones.
I want to build a page where the existing UserNames are displayed… and each has a button and a checkbox beside it.

Do I use Dynamic Buttons for this?
Or other components?
I’m even struggling to understand how to use the Dynamic Lable component… somehow I’m passing it the wrong data o_O

I looked for tutorials, but they did not help much as most focus on displaying a single element with content dynamically loaded in it, instead of generating multiple elements.

In particular I’m having trouble with the Dynamic Label… with this error:
“are the wrong number of arguments for SetText”

Why don’t you just put the usernames in a listview or a spinner?

Maybe you should post your blocks so that community members see what you do wrong and advise accordingly

As I understand it, Listview only shows a list in text, like:

I need to also generate buttons, like:
[select] Gino [Edit]
[select] Pino [Edit]
[select] Lino [Edit]

Am I wrong?
Currently this is how my blocks look like this…

You have a event named “when list view click” which you can use proceed to do anything with the item selected

and if you want to add a button to list view you can use extension(free/paid)
you can create check boxes dynamically

I might have found part of the solution to my problem

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