HELP - Ignore an error

I would like to know if it is possible to ignore or not display error messages by means of some kind of component?

I know what this mistake is, but I don’t want it to show a message.

Thanks for your sopport.

You try to get the element 20…
But the list or whatever have only 19 elements.

I think he means to not display any error even on occurring
Just don’t display any bug

Oh. Then thats not possible

I would like it not to show the error message, I’m trying to make a type of image layout, the intention is that the app shows different images from a database, can be 4 or 18 or 20 or 40 images for that reason I do not want it to show an error message.


Iam sure we have no “try and catch” block.
If we had one then it would be easy possiple to do what you want.
But for now there is no way to do it or create such a block.
Maybe you can add some logic to your code to first look How many items are in the list and then call the method.

In the future, maybe the block if.error could be exist


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There is a block to catch errors but you should make an app without errors.