Ignore All Type of Errors

Hi Koders,
I want an extension or Kodular to add in inbuilt Component as Ignore Errors.
It should ignore all types of the errors.

I have made an app but error’s are appearing these error’s are forcing my app to stop by enabling an option as END APPLICATION. When I refuse it (Clicking outside the Pop-up).
I see that everything is working.
Can anyone make an Extension or can Kodular add it as an in-built component @Kodular.

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I have already tried it does not work.
Even there was a similar topic for same issue.

I didn’t notice it

Try to solve the errors without ignoring it, then no need to ignore them.

If you succeed to suppress the errors then your app may not work properly.


I have tried many times.
This is the topic

And the reason “I want to Ignore”

what about requesting an extension, which automatically fixes all errors you implement in your blocks? :wink: