Help in Profile Picture(Firebase Authentication) and Round Picture

On Screen1 when “Get Current User Success” i perform these actions - (there are more blocks below, but i cropped them as they were not necessary for this problem)

Everything was right a week ago Images Loaded properly, but yesterday i checked that the images are not loading.(this remained unnoticeable for a week as i was working on an another Screen)
I did no change in Blocks of this part so it is same as it was a week ago.(i confirmed that with a backup AIA)

I searched in the Community about this and found this -

Solution in this Topic - Use “Asynchronus Image Loading”.
Thanks to @themaayur for the idea of “Asynchronus Image Loading”.

So, i used “Asynchronus Image Loading” and updated my Blocks to this -
blocks (2)
This solved my problem but i want round images so i changed the Blocks again a bit -

But this returned no image.
I tried a whole day to fix this but i was not able to.

So, can anyone Please Help me to fix the Issue of Round Image or suggest some changes in Blocks which will Help.

Try this one

But, i want User Image.
That looks much better.

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This one may help you

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To make any image circular or rounded, use circle image view extension.

Search about it on YouTube.

Any solution without using Extensions.

Nope, then use a square images.

Actually you can do it without using extension -
Step 1 - Get profile pic url from authentication
Step 2 - Download the profile pic from url
Step 3 - Use image editor to edit the image and make it round
Step 4 - Upload the edited image to cloudinary and get it’s url
Step 5 - Use the url wherever you want

This will help you

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At last i am using this Extension.
No other method tends to work.


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