Help in veryfing text of a Text Box

Hello people, I want to validate a textbox text which is PAN CARD NUMBER.
PAN CARD NUMBER formate is 4+4+2 (First 4 alfabets, next 4 is digits and last 2 is alfabests again)

So far, I tried this but it is not working for me.
I spent a lot of time to find the right logic but I failed everysingle time.

Someone can help me correct it or give me right direction towards my destination where I can archive what I want.

Thanks in advance.


This extension will help:

This block:

Use this Pattern:



Try this to check the input of each character in real time by a timer

textbox_10chars.aia (6.0 KB)

Initialize two list from csv row: one of full alphabet, including both cases and one of numbers.

charposition = 0

For each character in text:

char = charpositionth character of text

If charposition < 5 or charposition > 6 then:

If not is list item char of list alphabetlist:

Else if charposition < 8 then:

If not is list item char of list numberlist:

charposition += 1

This is how it is perfected but not all of us can understand RegEx. :yum:


That’s why I included the Pattern that will match 4 Letters 4 Numbers 2 Letters and the link to an example at

That site is awesome when trying to figure out which Pattern to use.


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