Help Me About My New app Menu Screen Dose Not open

My apps 2nd Screen its mean Menu Screen Dose not Open when i try to open it it show
that " Creator Kodular Says: An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?

So What i have to do right now ? someone please Help Me

What you have tried?

Show us your blocks

See There is my problem Can you help me Please ?

Menu Sceern s blog also dose not open
Same Condition is ther

That project is yours? Or you have imported it?

They asked you to post your blocks. And tell about your app, asset size, etc etc. Else people won’t be able to help you.

Actually he is unable to open his project properly. When he try to open other screen or block, error is occurring.

that project is mine

If your are able to export project aia then export it and try importing it.

i have tried it but there i am also unable to open menu screen and import it

Broken project

so what i should to do right now?

You have two options, if you are able to export your aia

  1. remove the broken screen and rebuild it
  1. open files .bky, scm, from the broken screen and look for abnormalities

I see 2 Tabs with Kodular Creator. Did you open it twice?