Help me app android

I want an android App that scans the code When it scans the asset code, it will check for that property, then change the color of that product line. If there is no product, it will say not found. Thanks (Kobular language)

When screen init read the asset file and either store it in tinydb or global variable.

Scan the code

after scan check up whether the result is there in the global variable or not

If exist then change the color of the procect

else alert the user


You need to ref

  1. How to read the asset file
  2. How to check the item wiith list
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Can you help me with the code?

First provide us what have you tried

NDSCT05_copy_Screen1.ais (4.6 KB)
Hi , please check it out

what to do with ths screen?

yes, i will send the demo file, please check it out

That’s better. Make an demo aia or remove other screens from your main aia and share with us only aia format

NDSCT05 (1).aia (428.3 KB)
when scanning the QR if it’s in the list, change the line color in the listview, but I don’t know the design, so now I just scan and count the number. help me perfect. If the QR scan is repeated, it will say that the QR has been scanned, if it is not, the QR code will be invalid

NDSCT05.aia (428.9 KB)

Check this

can’t import file

i don’t understand what you mean

Hi …you save it to lyndb, if the next day I take inventory of the assets and scan the QR again, I can’t because the report is the same as the QR …huhu

There is no asset file in your aia then how can I modify?

Can I set the time to automatically clear lyndb, so that after a while I can scan the QR again

Every day you want to scan and don’t want to check with previous day scan list mean you even don’t need that tinydb. Just an global variable alone is enough

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Because this is an asset, it should be scanned every day, if not checked, the scan will be duplicated, and if checked, the next scan will work.

NDSCT05 (2).aia (434.4 KB)
Hi…can you check for me, the purpose of adding lyndbdb2 is to add the property first in sreen4 and then when scanning the QR, if it is correct, the listview will be displayed, if it is not, the report is invalid. The purpose is to bind no other QR scanning. help you edit. thanksss.

You want like this, if i am correct

User scanning the qr code

If it is valid then list view will appear and further scanning possible

Else alert the user that scanning gives false report and further scanning is stopped ot muted for the rest of the day or untill reopen the app


not correct, I’m asking for a place where users can scan QR freely and save it to lyndb, I want to only receive QR of assets under management, scan QR elsewhere to warn QR error.