Help me make this extension from github

hello @everyone i am trying to make a extension from github but i am failing please help me
link - GitHub - anitaa1990/DeviceInfo-Sample: [Android Library] Get easy access to device information super fast, real quick
please give me a sample code of how to make it in appybuilder

Unfortunately you can’t. Third party libraries aren’t supported for appybuilder, you might want to use the app Inventor Sources, you can see this guide about it:

Or the extension template, see also here:

There is also a guide about it:

The Aar library is present here:
Note: Aar libraries aren’t supported for extensions, You can extract the classes.jar file to use it for your extension.
See also here, how to add a library to your extension:

Usage examples are present in the file:

Note: for questions about extension development you should ask in the app Inventor community:

sorry i am not able to understand can you tell step by step :sweat: :sweat:

Firstly, need to configure your device for Extension development, you can either use the app Inventor Sources or the extension template, follow one of the guides stated above for that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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hello i did not understand so i want to make it from the steps followed here in appybuilder please help me now @Mohamed_Tamer

If you would use the Android built-in BatteryManger class, so you can do it with appybuilder.You can follow the Android guide to know how to use it :slightly_smiling_face:

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well @Mohamed_Tamer i tried but i cant do maybe you can share sample code?