Help me to create a video downloader app like vidmate

Hello Peeps!
Here what i need to build app for have a look first, .
it is a video downloader website and now i want to make an app from this website api used current url not load fix problem

test apk dailyDownloader.apk (5.3 MB)

floating butten not working

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any error or anything … Which you get while clicking on FAB Button

Why you put this logic in fab button??
Webviewer.currenturl = Webviewer.currenturl

butt not working

not working help plz

Try after Removing If Then Logic.

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The Floating Action Button click it will always be true !!
Can i make a suggestion ?
Insert notifier asking if you want to download the video when user click Floating Action Button and select OK donwload video.
What happens if the user touch Floating Action Button accidentally ??

I think it’s not support DailyMotion video download and you are trying to download dailymotion video.

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