Help me to create layout to pdf

Please help me to create layout to pdf o have tried DEEPHOST and KIO4 extension to create layout to pdf but its not working for can anybody help me regarding this?

I tested the extension by Deephost few days ago. It was working for me.

Check if your blocks are correct.

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I have tried his aia file even but its not working for me you what i have tried his invoice generator extension too but its also not working for me i think there is a error while saving the generated pdf file to my device do you have any idea about it?

Check this its saying the pdf file is saved but when i search this file in my file manager there is no file with this name and also not available in recent files im tired please help me

Invoice_11_18_2022 02_58_58_PM.pdf (160.5 KB)
Here is the pdf file that I generated right now! It seems that there is something wrong at your end!

Then why its not working for me :sob:

If you’re using >= Android 11, make sure you’ve provided the write permission correctly, selecting the path in storage.

Donot use deephost extension because he does not support his extensions
@asimjib93 donot recommend deephost !

Yes im using Android 11 How can i do this can you please make some blocks and send to me it will be thank to you

It’s an obvious game! Isn’t it? Kodular itself never supports its premium users. Then why do you even wish to have some support for a free extension?


Please me to create directory and file selection

Use saf extension by sunny @vknow360