Layout To Pdf-Problem in getting pdf in storage

Hello Koders,
I am using one extension to covert a layout to pdf and automatically save it in downloads o internal storage when one clicks a button but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Please help me out!
Extension :
extension removed… only extension authors are allowed to upload extensions… Taifun
App :
demo.aia (76.1 KB)

Try this. Extension uses two different blocks for same action depending android version on user’s phone.

demo_2.aia (77.6 KB)


I will try and inform within 18th Sept.


Shouldn’t it be like that? ≥ 29

I don’t want to read the pdf I just want to get it downloaded

Unable to get downloaded pdf by using this code. Can you please kindly send an aia, remember that my downloaded pdf will have only 1 page for sure…

where is the downloaded pdf stored, I can’t find it in downloads…

Look at /android/data/youpackagename/files

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Sometime it will be stored i the main page of the phone memory

Didn’t’ got there…


What do you want to mean?

Can anyone please provide the aia