Layout To Pdf-Problem in getting pdf in storage

Hello Koders,
I am using one extension to covert a layout to pdf and automatically save it in downloads o internal storage when one clicks a button but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Please help me out!
Extension :
extension removed… only extension authors are allowed to upload extensions… Taifun
App :
demo.aia (76.1 KB)

Try this. Extension uses two different blocks for same action depending android version on user’s phone.

demo_2.aia (77.6 KB)


I will try and inform within 18th Sept.


Shouldn’t it be like that? ≥ 29

I don’t want to read the pdf I just want to get it downloaded

Unable to get downloaded pdf by using this code. Can you please kindly send an aia, remember that my downloaded pdf will have only 1 page for sure…

where is the downloaded pdf stored, I can’t find it in downloads…

Look at /android/data/youpackagename/files

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Sometime it will be stored i the main page of the phone memory

Didn’t’ got there…


What do you want to mean?

Can anyone please provide the aia

You said

and my answer is about why you can’t find it and how to find it now


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Use this blocks :
Just replace the height and width value with what you require…
You will get the pdf in Internal Storage…
Thank You!

Thanks, its solved!

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