Help me to get monitization

please tell how to get monitization
i made app for maths class 8 to help them study and i made it in 19 days. for this i need some mony as a profit. i made a id on admob but i didn’t get monitization pls help! how to fix! or provide it if you are a kodular manager pls! because i have no money to place it on playstore

Do you think , if kodular approved monitization Play store will not ask money to upload your apps first time into playstore??

No I know that but

Is it really necessary to make money off children who are trying to study?

If you care so much about their studies then helping them should be your motivation, not making money from them.


Please resubmit the monetisation approval form with a detailed description of what your app is. Do not use descriptions you find on the internet; those are instantly rejected/blocked.


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