Help me to solve this Math on selecting List Item

Help me to solve this math

I was trying to fetch json data in my app using dictionary 10 by 10. when vertical arrangement reached bottom again 10 data need to be fetched.

When screen initalize 10 items are fetched successfully but when reached bottom it fetches only 11th item and throw this error

Select list item: Attempt to get item number 11 of a list of length 10:

Note: here i pass only OFFSET to my get URL. Where LIMIT is pre defined in my php script so the sql syntax look like

"SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 10 OFFSET $offset";

Please help me to solve this.


Error :

Why are you using from get global OFFSET + 1? I think that’s why you’re getting error. :thinking:

I want to get unique ID for my components

Try using it without +1.

No it won’t work. i tried
Look my blocks completely

I updated my block


  1. Created global variable ID it increment +1 for each loop and this is the id of component
  2. In VerticalScrollHandler.ReachBottom i cleared the list and when TotalPost != OFFSET it will again call web get function

But now i found new issue but not got any errors

  1. Unlimited scrolling which is n number of components created when reached bottom
  2. Images are not loading from 11th item

See these guides on how to load items after reaching bottom: