Help me Your APK or Android App

Your APK or Android App Bundle is using permissions that require a privacy policy: (android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE).

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ya wait do this & no issue will be there.

Can you send me an aia file? photo does not look unclear

@hung_huu Changing your blocks will not fix anything!
Your app need a privacy policy If it handles personal or sensitive user data
That’s all the warning says.

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Can you tell me in more detail

Your app is requesting permission to access information from user’s phone. As per Google policy, this permission is sensitive & you must have to describe how you store, manage & share those information.

Add a privacy policy link on your app.

To make a privacy policy for your app, refer to here: App Privacy Policy Generator

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Ohk but my blovks is for permission request…

sorry i don’t know that his app even don’t have privacy policy…

But his app is already set for that permission & requesting it.

ok but i faced this issue when i don’t ask for permission so that’s why…

Read the warning message carefully & you will get to know all of it.

Ok. i just read that permission that y i did that…