Please Help me dear all developers

when I upload my apk file to playstore give me this error please help me

You need to update to app version to any nummer higher than the previous app version.
Also you need to add a permision.

ok thanks but permission error
what is this permission?

Just change the version code this 10 or higher than this. It will be fix

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like IT says

i already ask permission from user

And make privacy policy to solve read phone state error and you can make the privacy policy in blog and paste the link in play console under store listing and everything is solved

Yes do as @Maxtern said and IT Will be solved.

found new error please help for this error

These are only warnings.
I am not sure but you can skip those.

ok dear thanks

You have to increase version code from screen1 and add Privacy Policy url.

Ingore that warning because I also seen this warning every time so leave it

Will anyone tell how many days the review takes place after uploading the app on the play store

4-5 days is normal 1 week is also normal. Under 1 week your app will get review

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