Help MySql Database

Hello Kodular, I want to import data from the project with mysql database, but I couldn’t find a plugin, can you help me?


Hello. Search the community about MySQL web component PHP script. You will find dozens of examples. Hugs

I Have Written a Guide, Unfortunately Kodular Put it in Pending Section. So here’s Word Document.

Does( plugin ) the query builder create all types of SQL queries? To create the api, study SQL because real systems have complex queries.

Yup It does

The last question:
Have you ever made complex SQL queries using this plugin without knowing how to use SQL sintaxe / command ?

I have updated the Guide with Custom SQL Query API please Check

You can now copy the URL To Use it in Kodulars’s Web Component.

What about preparing a small Kodular project and showing us a screenshot of the blocks?


I am little caught up now, i will put it within a couple of days