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deephost mysql eklentisini tekrar kullanıma sunmanızı rica ediyorum. 1 aylık çalışma ve araştırmanın boşa gitmesini kimse istemez.

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I request you to make the deephost mysql extension available again. Nobody wants 1 month of work and research to go to waste.

Welcome to community. Community’s official language is English so please next time follow community’s rules. As for the extension you mention all you have is to download latest version and update it in your project

I understand, I think we will not be able to reach the deephos official, what kind of innovations have happened? What do I need to update for the plugin to work? I haven’t written Java or such plug-ins before, but maybe I can handle it because I’m a programmer? Can you give your opinion on this?

DeepHost updated his extension to work with Kodular’s latest release. As I said

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The man is downloading the add-on via the mobile application, I did not know :smiley: I did it, thank you

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can you send me the link for downloading MySQL extension?

As far as I know you have to download it via developer’s app