I got runtime error in deephost mysql extension

i am using deephost mysql extension , when i tried to crate a table i am getting runtime error as shown in below image , please check this aia also
mysql_deephost1.aia (132.7 KB)

Why won’t you contact the developer ?

i have sent my problem to developer also , so when he will come online he also will check it

i am using mysql extension developed by deephost , i am trying to create a table and i am getting runtime error please help me
MySQL_Database.aia (190.1 KB)
this is the php script i am using

Screenshot 2023-12-18 105351

Deephost Extensions have been Discontinued since a long time

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Got your anwser in

mysql deephost extension is updated in year 2022 , is there any other mysql extension

i contacted to the deephost developer , he said that he is working on the latest version , and the latest version will be launched as soon as possible

I Had Written A guide to Use MySQL as API but it is rotting in my pending posts section since a month or more

please share the link

I cannot I am literally stuck

PM me I will send it there maybe I can copy paste

then when will you share

Not in my hands

This is the Guide for anyone

Thank you for the guide, probably @Boban can release it?
But probably one thing is missing: how do you query the database from within a Kodular app?


i also had the same doubt how do we query data in kodular app , to query the data in kodular data a extension must be developed

The WordPress plugin I use has option to create a Query specific API Too

Does the query builder create all types of SQL queries? To create the api, study SQL because real systems have complex queries.

Yes It works